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Most people see peppers in the grocery store but, other than Bell Peppers, have a hard time identifying different pepper types, and how to use the peppers in recipes.  Here's a quick and easy guide to pepper identity.




This is the most common pepper found in U.S. Supermarkets. Bell Peppers come in  many colors: Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple and White. The green bell is an un-ripened pepper, therefore it is slightly bitter. Once a pepper ripens on the plant it becomes sweeter in taste. Bells can be stuffed, used in salads, and in stir frying. 



This group of peppers includes many of the small but hot peppers commonly used in Asian cooking. 


This pepper has a higher Heat Level.  It turns red when ripened on the vine.  When stuffed with cheese and deep fried this pepper makes Jalepeno Poppers.  It is found in salsas and salads.  When a red Jalapeno is smoked, it becomes a Chipotle.


Commonly grown in the Southwestern  U.S., this long green pepper ranges from mild to slightly hot. Most often it is roasted,  peeled, and seeds are removed before it is used in recipes.  Stuffed with cheese and/or meat it can be breaded and fried to make Chile Rellanos.

HABANERO peppers

These peppers ripen to Brown, Orange, Red or Yellow and all are extremely hot. Only a small amount is sufficient to increase heat in any recipe. Use rubber gloves when cutting these peppers to avoid getting burned. These peppers are fruity smelling and are commonly used in Carribean


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