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Pepper Schlepper grew out of our love for peppers--especially the HOT ones.  We have a relative who brought some pepper seeds back from a visit to Hungary.  We were curious gardeners and planted them.  We soon started growing and learning about many different varieties of peppers. 

We discovered the World of Fiery Foods when we read an article in the local newspaper about a restaurant (The Starboard) in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  The restaurant had hundreds (now thousands) of different hot sauces on display.  The sauces were available for customers to purchase (they are now Peppers of Rehoboth Beach).

After sampling many different flavors of sauces, we started making our own hot sauce from the peppers we grew in our garden. We cook with them, dry them, and crush them for pepper mash.  We are always looking for new ways to use peppers in our cooking. Our love of peppers has gone beyond the kitchen.  We started collecting everything that had anything to do with peppers.  This led us to buying pepper products in large quantity.  We sold our surplus inventory to friends and associates.  Thus...the birth of Pepper Schlepper - our way of reaching out to everyone.

It is our hope that this site will provide you with the beginning of a long and wonderful journey into the discovery of the World of Peppers.

Jane & Jamie Nudge
Pepper Schleppers

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